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With over five years of experience, we found that participants value a healthy mix of education, social networking, and career advice during our events. Consequently, the WHU Diversity Day consists of a panel discussion, workshops, a get-together, and a wine tasting in the evening.
Nevertheless, we are highly flexible to adjust our program for your ideas and wishes. Just get in touch, and we will make it happen.

We are also allowing our sponsors to pitch ideas for the focus of the event, and adapt the entire program accordingly.


Does your company follow a unique approach to diversity management? Or do you want to find out more about how young people perceive diversity? During a 90-minutes workshop with up to 30 students (Bachelor, Master, Doctoral) you can represent your company, network, or develop novel approaches for challenges with diversity-related topics.


After the workshops, we allow all participants and sponsors to have a little snack together. Here is your chance to meet participants from other workshops or iterate with your participants and discuss career opportunities.
The get-together usually lasts for about one hour and precedes the wine-tasting.

Wine Tasting

While workshops can provide exceptional outcomes, informal communication during a professional wine tasting allows for meeting new people and expand your network.
The wine tasting marks the end of the WHU Diversity Day and can be used ideally for corporate branding, as well as follow-up discussions from the workshops,

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